Long Story Short

My husband and I both went to college and both accrued student loan debt… a lot of it. We are fed up with thinking it will be impossible to pay off any time soon. I recently heard about Dave Ramsey’s book “The Total Money Makeover.” I read it within days and was convinced we weren’t trapped forever like we thought. While driving home for Christmas, I was able to convince my husband that we can get rid of this debt… we just need to change our lifestyle for a little bit.

Purpose of the blog

While trying to fall asleep one night during our Christmas vacation, I had the brilliant idea of creating a blog for this journey. After doing some research, I found that a lot of people had the SAME brilliant idea. Who woulda thunk? 😉 Reading about other successful stories only further motivated me.

The purpose of my blog is to not only hold myself and my husband financially accountable but more importantly, help inspire others who think they are trapped. I plan to put all of our personal finances out in the open. You can expect monthly budgets, goals, progress reports, etc.

With that being said, it is officially time to get started on our journey to financial freedom! Just talking about the thought of being financially free gets me all giddy inside. I can’t imagine what it will feel like when we actually accomplish our goals! Thats right, I said ‘when’… not ‘if’ we accomplish our goals. I can’t wait to look back and say “Debt, Who?”

We are asking for support, feedback, inspiration, and advice from all of our family and friends. So please join as we take on the challenge of becoming debt free!



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  1. Debi says: Reply

    So proud of you. I love Dave Ramsey’s books. I like his radio show too. Seen him talk in Indy. At the library where I worked, we had his Financial Peace University classes, that an instructor showed. Amazing. Never seen all the classes, but what I did see, was great. I recommend it. The envelope system is a little hard for me, but it is all about budgeting and tracking what you spend. I follow some of his principals. Doing it as a couple is soooo great. You guys can do it!

    Plus, kudos on the blog…I would love to blog also….this will keep you in ‘check’. Good Luck – Happy Financial Fit 2015!

    Hugs, Debi

    1. Erica says: Reply

      That is so cool that you got to see him talk in person! I am going to look into the Financial Peace University classes. I think they would be super interesting. I am currently debating on the envelope system or not. I guess I will try everything and see what works best for us.

      Thanks for the encouragement! It means so much.

      Happy New Year!


  2. Ashley says: Reply

    good for you cannot wait to follow!

  3. Cary Ramirez says: Reply

    I love it already.

  4. Susan A. says: Reply

    Good for both of you! Scott and I just finished the Financial Peace University classes in December. So we are all about Dave Ramsey – in a way we’ll be taking the journey at the same time. Just had the kids do their 0 base budget last night. Good luck!

    1. Erica says: Reply

      How many classes are there? Do they cost?

      Thats awesome that you got the kids started too! I look forward to hearing a little bit about your journey too… if you are willing to share 🙂

      Happy New Year!

  5. Vanna says: Reply

    Do you guys have a financial advisor? We’ve used First Command for over 8 years now. Great company, especially for military!

    1. Erica says: Reply

      We have been talking about going to see a financial advisor for the past year. Sure hasn’t happened yet! First Command…I have never heard of it. Best believe I will be looking into it though!


      Happy New Year 🙂

  6. CLKisse says: Reply

    Awwww, Erica! This is awesome. I look forward to reading about your new journey

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