Total Starting Debt Breakdown

Alright folks, I finally got that last number I was looking for on one of our loans. Therefore, I can finally give you the breakdown of every loan. If you remember back when I originally stated how much debt we were in and I said I was hoping I overestimated… well, I underestimated but only by a few hundred bucks. Still, I was really hoping I overestimated by like ten grand (seriously) but it just goes to show how much of the monthly payments had been going to just interest. Anyway, my Big Reveal post revealed that we were in $145,137.88 debt. That actual number is….. $145,811.88. Yikes! I feel a sense of relief though; we finally know where we are at for sure and know what we need to do to get rid of it.

Here is the breakdown.

You can click on it so it is easier to see.


By the end of the week I will post how much we paid off in January!

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