Time to catch up! First, a recap of Oct, Nov, and Dec.

Happy 2016 Everyone!

With a new year comes new goals and a recap of the previous year! However, it has been much longer than I thought since I made a post. A lot has happened. So before we get into 2016, first, let me fill you in on the past few months.

  1. We paid off our car in September.
  2. I was in training in Alabama for 2 and a half months.
  3. We moved to Italy.

Well, that pretty much sums it up.

I’m not going to lie, while I was in training and we were transitioning to Italy, our budget was on our mind…. but not really. In training, I didn’t have time to track every dollar. I didn’t track our budget as I had been doing all year. Additonally, with the move to Italy, many expenses came up. This left us with little money at the end of each month to put towards debt. Therefore, we didn’t put any extra money towards debt in October, November or December.

I don’t have my fancy spread sheet showing each month’s budget and expenses; however, I am going to at least tell you what our income was and some of the big expenses we had.

October Income: $6979.91

October Expenses:

  •  $1600-put back into savings. (If you remember, I took it out so we could pay off our car before we shipped it)
  • $650- Had to travel to Texas to ship our car, then home for my best friend’s wedding. Some of this will be reimbursed
  • $500- More money that went towards things I needed for my training

We had roughly $225 dollars leftover at the end of October. We just rolled it into November.

November Income: $7103

November Expenses

  • $608.73- Italy mandates either winter tires or snow chains. We opted for winter tires for our car.
  • $2402.82 (This one hurts a little bit) We knew we needed unlocked phones for Italy… our plan was to get the new iPhone and make payments on it with the new Apple Payment Program. We came to find out that with the Payment Program the phone doesn’t remain unlocked. Soooo, we just paid straight up for them. We got the 128 gb because we are living in Europe for the next 3 years and our phones are our primary camera.
  • $436- Plane tickets for Cory to get to Alabama after he shipped it to Italy (we should get reimbursed for this)
  • $213- Hotel room for when he dropped the truck off to get shipped (we should get reimbursed for this)

We had roughly $80 leftover at the end of November. We just rolled it into December.

December Income: $7908

December Expenses:

  • $565- Snow tires for the truck
  • $100- Uniform items for Cory
  • $267-New windshield for the truck because you can’t ship it with cracks
  • $100- Europe maps for our GPS
  • $143-A few Christmas gifts
  • $500- Moving/last couple days with friends and family
  • $148-Another hotel room Cory needed between transitioning
  • $314-Christmas trip to Verona, Italy
  • $409-New Year’s Eve Trip to Hallstatt, Austria
  • $50-Money to renew the blog

We had about $640 leftover in December. I thought about putting it towards debt, but I know January will bring a lot of expenses with finding a house. Most of the deposits require double the rent here, so I wanted to be prepared for any initial expenses.

That brief rundown kind of shows where our money went these past few months. So even though we didn’t put any extra money towards debt, how much did we pay off over October, November and December?Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 6.58.52 PM

Over three months, we put a whopping $2,076.32 towards our debt. That obviously isn’t as good as I would like, but honestly, there were a lot of expenses we just couldn’t get around. Additionally, we moved to Italy over the holidays! We had days off and took advantage of them. Time to get back on track though!

Now that we are all caught up and the new year has started, the question is… how much did we pay off in 2015? Did we reach our goals? What are our goals for 2016?

Stay tuned!


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  1. I have some family in Italy, and it is just lovely in the rare year I get to visit them. I hope you enjoy all that Italy has to offer.

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