Summertime Spending Blues + Job Promotion

It is only May 13th, and we are already feeling the excitement of spending money this summer. Sure, it was easy to budget during the winter and not spend much money because lets face it, its ok to stay inside. Once the sun shines and I can walk outside in a t-shirt, I start to think of all the things I want to do this summer. Between weddings, wedding festivities and visitors coming to see us, we have about 7 weekends already booked and that doesn’t include Memorial Weekend, 4th of July, and Labor day.

Weddings/Wedding Festivities

How do we budget for all these fun events? Well considering none of the weddings are in the city we live in, it will be impossible to make them all; money doesn’t allow it nor do we have enough leave for all that time away. Wewedding_banner-01 are not going to let our debt hinder us from enjoying these exciting moments with our friends and family. For some of the weddings, we have been asked to be a part of, so those will take priority. We feel so special to be part of their wedding. We will do anything and spend anything to be there for them. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event. If it puts us a back a month or two on paying our car off (which is the loan we are currently paying) then so be it. I don’t want to look back and regret missing these events just because we were focused on our debt.


Due to my job promotion, we will not be in beautiful Colorado for much longer. It is cheaper to experience it now then take time and leave to visit it once we are away. Myafsp-colorado mom is coming to visit again and we are going to take a weekend to visit some popular areas which is going to cost money. Obviously. We also have some friends that are trying to come visit in late August. I know we won’t just sit in the house, so again we will have to spend some money.

Random Summer Spending Temptations

I haven’t really had an itch to shop for clothes, until now. With summer weather approaching, I want to buy summer clothes. Along with summer clothes I want to get manicures and pedicures. The girly side of me really comes out in summer and if we want to spend money on all these other festivities, I need to keep these temptations under control. While the husband is away, I give myself $300 dollars for entertainment/other. So if I want these things, I still need to make sure they fall under $300.

I already had one impulse buy though. My skin has been really dry and red, especially on my face. After seeing a photo of myself and not being happy with it, I went out and bought some cream to either fix it or make-up to cover it. Make-up is probably number one on my “Things I Hate Spending Money On” list. I don’t wear much of it. But I found myself complaining on a daily basis about the redness so I decided it is time to take care of it. I chose to get a good face moisturizer to hopefully eliminate the redness and then some make-up to cover it up in the mean time.

I have started noticing my impulse purchases happen when I am frustrated/fed up with something. i.e. My computer and now this skin issue. When I am frustrated, my self-reasoning skills disappear. Hopefully once my husband gets back, he will be my reasoning side. 🙂


Reality is, we have paid off $17,000+ in debt in 4 months. I say that shows we are pretty focused on our goals and getting out of debt. I have a feeling every summer is going to be like this though, so it is essential we stay focused. While we may have to spend more money this summer, our goal will be to spend it more wisely. Instead of getting a fancy $200 hotel room, we get a cheap $75 hotel room. Same goes for food. As always, we will budget each month separately and we need to really try to stay on budget. Also, while we are home, we need to be even more frugal. We can try to save in certain areas and maybe try to earn some extra cash some how.

Now a little about my job promotion which makes me feel even better about spending a little extra money this summer.

Job Promotion

Back in January, I applied to become an officer for the Air Force. I finally found out that I was SELECTED!

With a new job, comes new pay. I will be making about $1500 more a month than I do now. This pay raise will make paying off our debt so much easier, obviously. I was pretty certain we could pay off our debt in 3.5 years with our current pay. Now I KNOW we can with this new pay.

With a new job, comes more training. I have at least 5 months of training ahead of me, meaning 5 more months away from my husband. I could either leave for training in July or October. For those of you who don’t know, my husband gets back from his deployment in July. If I leave in July, disregard everything else I wrote in this post. The husband will still go to some of the events but probably not all, and I won’t be spending really any money while I am in training. I really want to leave in October though so my husband and I get a couple months together before being separated again. I also want one last summer in Colorado and I really want to go to all these summer festivities! But I will do as I am told.

Air Force Logo - Silver and Blue 3D, with text

With a new job, comes more uniforms. According to the information I have read, I can expect to spend upwards of $2,000 on uniforms. That will put a damper on our budget, but in the end $1500 more a month is worth it!

I guess I should have forewarned you of the long post. These are just some things I have been thinking about lately and they gave me a reason to post something. Living frugal is much harder than I initially thought, but we promise to stay focused even with some fun bumps in the road.

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