Refinishing an End Table on a Budget

A little over year and a half ago an old coworker of mine was selling an end table for 15 dollars. I was in tech school at the time so I told the hubby (who was just my fiancé at the time) that he absolutely needed to go get this end table because it was cheap and I had high hopes for it. I didn’t do anything with it until about 5 month ago when I attempted to start sanding it. I found out real quick that sanding is THEE worst process ever so I gave up. Therefore, I have yet to incorporate it in our home…. until now.

Finally, with my mom around to help and the beautiful weather outside, we decided to tackle it again. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because the budget this month is already super tight. We started looking online last night for tutorials and luckily stumbled upon some great info that I would have never know.


Lowes sells used paint at a discounted price! We got a gallon of paint for 5 dollars! It was originally $35. This thing was full to the rim too. It happened to be close to the color we were looking for as well so it worked out perfectly. I originally thought I was going to have to get something to strip the current paint color since there was no way I was going to sand it all but after some research realized we didn’t need to do that either.

In the end we ended up buying:

Gallon of paint: $5.38

Paint brush: $6.28

Sand paper: $5.38

Table: $15

* Lowes gives a military discount so things were even cheaper than that.

I already have an electric hand sander (a cheap one that works well enough for simple projects) and a small paint tray so that was helpful with the budget.

If I would have looked through the garage before we went to the store I would have realized we already had a paint brush and sand paper. Technically today I should have only had to spend $5.38! But all in all the whole project was cheap including the table.

It was so easy to do and fun too! I want to change everything in the house now 🙂

I am not trying to turn this into a DIY blog; however, it is nice to realize some projects are cheap to do and it allows me to stay busy instead of being bored.

Here are some before photos. Take note of my botched sanding job.






…And the after photos.



IMG_3526 2

We are happy with the finished project! After having some guests over, I realized I needed night stands in the guest bedroom. Although this is more of a end table, it will work as a night stand in the guest bedroom. Now I just need to find one for the other side of bed!


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