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  • How much DEBT did we pay off in January 2016?!

    Why is it necessary for most of us to have a new year or a new month or even a new week to get motivated to reach our goals? It is such a mental game. Why can’t starting on a Tuesday or starting on January 30th be just as a good of a start? Well, I […]

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  • 2016 Financial Goals

    Hello there! First month of 2016 is almost done! Have you stuck to your resolutions? If not, you can always start again! I planned on making some goals (outside of Financial Goals) for the year, but still haven’t gotten around to writing them on paper. However, I do have our Financial Goals for this year […]

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  • How much DEBT did we pay off in 2015? Did we reach our goals?

    Wow! I can’t believe it has been a year since we decided to tackle our debt.  I remember saying that if for some reason at the end of the year we were back to our old spending habits then we wouldn’t continue this. We stopped all money going towards savings and retirement to pay off […]

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  • Time to catch up! First, a recap of Oct, Nov, and Dec.

    Happy 2016 Everyone! With a new year comes new goals and a recap of the previous year! However, it has been much longer than I thought since I made a post. A lot has happened. So before we get into 2016, first, let me fill you in on the past few months. We paid off our […]

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  • June, July, & August Recap

    Football season is upon us! Hooray! If I would have kept up on my monthly recap posts, you would know that I cancelled our cable to save on money. I couldn’t really justify paying for the NFL Sunday Ticket this year after getting it free last year. So no football for us today. Luckily our […]

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  • How much DEBT did we pay off in August?

    Howdy! Wow, its already time to let you all into our financial world again. I obviously haven’t been making this blog a priority since Cory has been home. Oops. We have fallen off the horse a few times but we keep getting back up! We are proud to say we paid off Penny yesterday! (our […]

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  • How much DEBT did we pay off in July?

    For some reason I haven’t had any motivation to write a post lately. I think it gave me something to do while my husband, Cory was deployed (I got tired of referring to him as just my husband so now you know, his name is Cory.)  Anyway, now that he is back, my time is […]

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  • How I Make and Track Our Budget

    Happy Monday! Every month I go over the previous months budget with you all by showing you my spreadsheet of how much money went to which category. Well I decided to show you how I arrive at the point. It is an ongoing process that kind of makes me chuckle at myself and my husband […]

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  • How much DEBT did we pay off in June?

      I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July! I didn’t do anything too citing  but I was quite productive around the house and got to celebrate the 4th at a going away party! It is almost half way through summer and I feel like I haven’t really enjoyed it yet. We missed celebrating my husband’s […]

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  • May Recap

    Hey! Man I have a had a busy few weeks. Things are starting to slow down and I have a feeling they are going to drag on for the next 24 days. 24 days until my dearest husband is home. Then we have two and a half months of weddings and family and friends and […]