How much DEBT did we pay off in April?

Apr16DebtWe have been fortunate enough to start out 2016 with a bang! January, February and March all had big debt pay offs due to our PCS (permanent change of station) to Italy and tax season. We managed to pay off my federal student loans in those three months. Two months earlier than our goal! Thus far, paying off that loan has felt the best! Probably because it is something I thought I would be paying for the rest of my life.

April was the first month where our pay started to even out to normal and we started tackling our biggest loan yet; that high interest Parent Plus loan. When I made our budget at the beginning of the month, I wasn’t very pleased with the amount we were going to be able to throw towards this loan.

I had to remind myself that we just kicked ass the first quarter of the year. We were also still spending more money than normal on household stuff because we were trying to furnish our new house (on a budget of course.)

It felt amazing to throw so much money towards debt during the first three months of the year; however, I can’t get discouraged that every month won’t be like that. I remain positive because we are ahead of our goals¬†and remember that each month will be different!

With all that being said, how much debt did we pay off in April?!


Here is the breakdown of our debt as always.


$3,779.70 is obviously still a great amount of money we are able to put towards debt!

I am hoping we can chop some stuff out of our budget and start putting at least $3500 towards the Parent Plus loan. I can’t wait to start seeing that number decrease!

Cheers to May!

How much debt did you pay off in April?!




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  1. Not as much, but enough to encourage myself.

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