Mid-Month Update


I knew from the start that January was going to kind of be an up in the air month. I wasn’t sure what was going to be needed for groceries or gas or what is realistic for entertainment. So here we are, halfway through the month and already over budget on many categories and even though I knew that might happen the first month, it is still disappointing. However, it is like a game; now I want to try even harder next month!

I kind of have three different budgets going, which wasn’t a good idea. I started with a paper budget, then put that into excel. Additionally, about a week ago I was checking out mytotalmoneymakeover.com and found an awesome Debt Snowball tool and an awesome Budget tool. So that tool is my 3rd budget. It breaks things down into categories and you can put in your budget for each category for the month… then as you get expenses you add each expense and it keeps a running total for you. It is so nice and convenient vs keeping all receipts and adding them up. (With the hubby being gone, I can’t get his receipts) I was able to do a 7 day trial and I loved it, but in order to keep it, it was going to cost me $89.95 for the year. I gave in and got it for the year. Was it necessary? Probably not. I am kind of mad at myself for giving in and getting it but it is soo nice. Anyway, my current standings are based on that budget tool.

Current Standings

Budgeted              Spent                    Leftover

Oil Change        $100                      $115.33                 -$15.33

Deploy                $100                      $165.07                 -$65.07

Groceries           $300                      $201.26                   $98.74

Gas                       $75                        $39.05                      $35.95

On my paper/excel budget, I put “Other,” and budgeted $300 however, on the Budget Tool I broke it up into “Restaurants,” “Miscellaneous”  & “Entertainment” and budgeted $400 split among the 3.

Restaurants      $100                     $123.50                   -$23.50

(I added a separate budget for Restaurants because we had a few date nights before he left which resulted in eating out)

Personal              $50                       $168.67                  -$118.67

Personal included the $89.95 for the budget tool, and 25$ membership fee so I could become part of Air Force Sergeants Association. It was necessary. I hadn’t anticipated either of these expenses

Entertainment  $250                     $240.20                    $9.80

Most of this accrued for our date nights.

Final Thoughts

We are $222.57 over budget. Like I said, disappointing. We still have two weeks left in the month too. However, I  made some good decisions on saving money this month, so I like to think we came out even. I will tell you guys what I all did when the end of the month comes.

I am going grocery shopping today to spend the last 98 dollars. I literally waited till every meal option in my house was gone. I think I can live off of 100 dollars in groceries for two weeks. Wish me luck!


Never going to forget the list now!



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