March Outlook

The end/beginning of each month sure calls for a lot of posts. Hopefully this month I have more time to post in the middle of the month as well.

Now it is time to see where our debt is currently standing on this first day of March. I am definitely happy with our progress. So here is that…


We have actually paid over 10 grand so far, but due to interest, we really haven’t. It would be nice to pay off Navient this month but we have a few more expenses in March as you will see in our budget. I will just go ahead and post that now.



So everything is the same except the “Spending” category. The first four are pretty much the same except I upped my gas budget because I will be driving to the airport 3 times which is like 60 miles away. Now I will explain the rest.

  1. Military Clothing–I have an awards banquet this month in which I have to wear a specific uniform that I don’t have all the pieces to yet; thus, I HAVE to buy what I need.
  2. Parents Visit–My parents have decided to come visit me this month 🙂 Yay! I know we are going to be doing more than just sitting around the house so I allotted money for their visit.
  3. Bridesmaid Dress–My best friend is getting married and I am lucky enough to be in the wedding so I have to put a down payment on the bridesmaid dress.
  4. Hubby Plane Ticket–So, I am going on a month-long trip for work to Europe… leaving this month. My husband is allowed 96 hours of leave while he is deployed so we are taking advantage of being able to see Europe together. Is it absolutely necessary? Maybe not. However, nothing is more important than our relationship… not even getting out of debt.
  5. Taxes–Last year we got 3 grand back in taxes. That 3 grand would be awesome this year!  Buuuut last year we also won a $40,000 wedding which was amazing but of course is going to bite us in the butt during tax season. Unfortunately we have to pay in 60 bucks this year; it could be a lot worse though. I haven’t filed our state taxes yet, but I think we should get some back.
  6. Xbox live–I went to check out our CC and found a nice 62 dollar charge for Xbox live. We forgot to cancel it before my husband left. What can ya do? Just pay it I guess.

As you can see our debt payment isn’t expected to be quite as large as I would have liked. But things come up, and it is important to still enjoy life. Experiencing part of Europe by only having to pay for one plane ticket seems like a good deal to me! Plus, we are still making a large payment on Navient.

I am hoping April expenses are back to normal so we can finally pay off Navient!

Ps. You may or may not have noticed that our BND interest rate went down (way down!) and so did the payment–I guess that is something I get to post about later this month 🙂

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