March Budget Recap

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I hope everybody had a great Easter! I did because I got to see my husband for a few days 🙂 We are about half way through his 6-month deployment so this little European Adventure we were able to have was so nice!  His visit wasn’t cheap by any means, which brings me into the March Budget Recap. As mentioned in earlier posts… I have mixed feelings because the amount of money we were able to put towards our debt was much lower than January and February. Check out How much DEBT did we pay off in March? to see how much we paid off. Anyway, here is the rundown of our budget.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 3.20.06 AM

As you can see right away, I over estimated our income which is already a crappy way to start the month. I thought my hubby’s pay had made all the necessary deployment fluctuations but it was still adjusting in March I guess; which is what lowered the income.

Recurring Expenses

In my February Recap I talked about my cable bill going up, but I immediately canceled the upgrades to lower my bill back to normal. I wasn’t going to see the adjustments until March so I still only paid the normal amount in February figuring my bill would be much lower in March and I would just be able to make up for the extra charges by paying the normal payment. Ok, so that probably sounded super confusing. Anyway, I made wrong calculations and ended up paying a little extra in March. This may make more (or less) sense if I explain that I have all my recurring expenses set up to be charged to my CC. I never changed them to be taken out of my checking account once I stopped using my CC. (I use(d) my CC for airline points only) I kept those payments through the CC to still earn some points while we are tackling our debt. I also realized that Netflix was charged (to my CC) super late in the month in February and I thought I paid it off but I didn’t. Therefore, I paid for Netflix twice in March. None of this mess would have happened if I would just have them set up through my checking account. I guess I should consider making those changes huh?

Debt Payments

As you can see, I thought we were going to be able to put much more towards Sallie Mae in March. We were still able to put over a grand so I really don’t think it was that bad. Just much lower than what I would have liked to put towards it.


So we went over on a lot of categories under Spending. Some we didn’t have an option, some we probably could have done better. I will explain a few of them.

Toiletries-I needed a few more things than I was expecting to need for this 30-day TDY trip in addition to things for the house.

Groceries-I was surprisingly able to stay under this one because my parents bought some while they were visiting.

Parents Visit- I spent way less than I was expecting primarily because we didn’t do too many things that cost a lot of money but my parents also tend to cover any eating out expenses and such.

Bridesmaid Dress– I called and paid but they still haven’t charged me.

Plane Ticket-When I was making the budget for March tickets were below $ the time we were finally able to buy it–it was $1655!! It was a frustrating process but worth every penny!

Toll Roads– When we moved in October, some of our mail didn’t make it to us. The toll road usually sends out a piece of mail saying we owe something. I completely forgot about it, so these were outstanding tolls I had to pay.

Running shoes– His shoes were falling apart and he needed new ones because we are in the military and absolutely need to work out. Working out=important so good shoes=important

My hair– Oh Boy. This is what I am most shameful of. Back home when I get my hair done it rarely costs over $100. Our current location prices are pretty high but I have never paid this much for my hair before. The purpose of getting it done was so I no longer have to touch it up. In the military my hair needs to look natural and I was pretty blonde so my regrowth wasn’t looking too natural. I fixed it so now hopefully I don’t have to dye it for awhile! Just wish I wouldn’t have had to paid $179 to fix it!

Study material– Completely necessary if we want to promote faster to make more money. I just found out I test in May…so I better get studying!

Work trip– I didn’t budget for this initially because I thought I was going to just charge everything on my CC then pay it off with the per diem I make so I essentially break even or on the plus side. I needed to take out cash for most things though so that came directly from the checking account. I will be able to make up for it at the end of April when I get my per diem for the trip.

So much spending in March! The most controversial is probably the plane ticket. What are everyones thoughts on it? I feel like everyone is thinking in their mind “Wow, they are trying to pay off their debt and they bought a $1600+ plane ticket just for a 5-day visit?” or “They took advantage of a good opportunity to see Europe together” or neither of those lol.

I look at this way–we did not have to go into debt for this visit. That is most important. We were still able to put more than the minimum payment towards the loan we are working on. Yes that is $1600 that could have gone towards that loan, but not seeing your significant other for 6 months… well for the lack of a better word…sucks! I am curious what others would have done in our situation? Feel free to comment whether they are negative or positive comments!

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