June, July, & August Recap

Football season is upon us! Hooray! If I would have kept up on my monthly recap posts, you would know that I cancelled our cable to save on money. I couldn’t really justify paying for the NFL Sunday Ticket this year after getting it free last year. So no football for us today. Luckily our team doesn’t play until tomorrow night so we will head to the club on base to watch it. Go Vikings!

I knew I hadn’t posted about July and August, but June too?! I am way behind. When I first started this blog, I told you guys I was going to post about all of our expenses and where our money was going so I am sticking to my word. I am not sure if I didn’t post about it because I didn’t feel like it or because I am kind of ashamed of our spending habits. Yes, we have still been able to pay off a good chunk of debt each month but that is because our income was higher. It is a lot harder with a smaller income and more expenses due to Cory being home and my training coming up. I have continually been stressed about the spending we have been doing but I have to remember that it is all (well some of it is) for a purpose and after training I will come out with a nice pay raise.

Alright, lets start with June.



June was the last full month that I was alone. Meaning cheaper phone bill, cheaper groceries, etc… Looks like I did a pretty good job of staying on budget in June, so not much to say here.

Now for July.


I remember thinking that our income was going to start going down in July with Cory coming home. It technically did a little bit, but this month was the month I took the money from our Emergency Savings and our Honeymoon Savings to help pay Penny off quicker so we could get the title before we ship her to Italy. Looks like we stayed close to budget on everything exceeeeept….entertainment. I surprised Cory by having his parents fly out here when he returned from his deployment. It was his first month back, we wanted to have fun; therefore, we went over budget a bit. Oops. This is the month I cancelled our cable because with Cory being home, I didn’t think I would need to use TV to entertain myself as much.


August Budget

August, too, was a higher income month than I was expecting. With Cory returning home, he finally got paid for all of his travels. His trip back took 2-3 days, so he gets per diem and travel money for that which constitutes the TDY spending that I didn’t budget for. We also got our family separation pay. When a military member is separated from their family for more than 30 days, they earn $250 a month. We got paid that once he returned so it was a lump sum of $1500.

You can see our phone bill went back up in August. We also took a 10-day trip home in August for Cory’s best friends wedding and my best friend’s bachelorette/bachelor party. (We paid for the tickets back in June) I thought I had budgeted accurately for this, but clearly I was wrong. When we go home, people let us use their car, stay at their house, etc…so we are not going to be stingy. We don’t like when people pay for everything so we buy groceries when we are home, fill their cars with gas. It’s the least we can do. The last thing we want to do is say “Hey, we can’t meet up with you because we don’t have money,” so we let our guard down a bit. With that being said, we could have tried a little harder. I went over on my military clothing because we had a higher income so it made sense to buy more of it in August than September which is already a tight month.

Well, I am finally caught back up. I will probably post a couple more times before I head off to my 9 weeks of training. September is rough but in October we should get back on track! Hopefully.

Enjoy your football Sunday!


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