January 2015 Budget

I realize I should have posted a budget at the beginning of the month, but with my husband deploying I really didn’t know how to budget. I wanted to be as frugal as possible, but it being his last 10 days in the states for 6 months, I figured we would want a couple date nights. I did have an original budget, but I modified it. With that being said, he left today ;(  and now it’s the official  start of “Frugal Fifteen.” That is the term we coined for this year. Clever, I know.

Here is the excel snippet of the budget. Pretty basic.

January Budget

Now let me do a little explaining.


Under debt payments, I have Chase listed. When I first mentioned our total amount of debt I did not include this number. It is a pretty large number, much larger than expected. You see, we used to put everything on our CC to earn points towards flights. I told you before that I would try to budget $1,000 per pay period for gas, groceries, entertainment, etc. So, I had the money in our checking account ready to put towards that credit card at the end of the month. Well, to my surprise, the total wasn’t even close to $1,000. We had gone home for Christmas and were enjoying our vacation so we went a tad over budget. Plus, that included Christmas presents and a rental car for 400+ dollars. It also included the cost of this blog; which I totally wasn’t expecting. The website said it was $3.95 a month. So, I thought “great!” Well, that is for 36 months and they charged me up front for the 36 months. I also added a bit more security, so that cost more than I thought. It ended up being $215! Anyway,  by the time I checked it was  $2900. I already paid it off so I didn’t include it in our debt because to me, it wasn’t debt.

Side note: Dave Ramsey isn’t a fan of using credit cards… even for points. I am not sure my point of view on it though. I plan to post about it later.


We live on base, so our utilities are included in our rent. Thus, the number is so even and will be consistent. The base charges for utilities based on an average. If you go above the average, you pay more. If you stay below the average, you actually get money back. With just me in the house for the next 6 months, I expect to get some money back! Whoo hoo!

Credit Report

We both pay a monthly fee to have our credit report consistently monitored. We have constant access to our credit report/score and are notified of any changes that occur.

Everything else is pretty self-explanatory. If you have any questions, let me know! I still need to post the breakdown of all of our debts once I get that last number. I am hoping to get it soon. Also, at the end of the month I will post the same excel spreadsheet but add an “Actual” section, so we can see what we actually spent.

Have a good weekend!

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