How much DEBT did we pay off in March?

MarchDebtHello from Poland!

Being overseas is making me reliant on wifi only and the wifi can be pretty bad at most times which has hindered my ability to post. I have some time during the day today which is nice because not everyone is using wifi so I figured I would get the Debt post out of the way. This month had a lot of expected and unexpected expenses so our debt payment is not as large as the last two months have been. It is disappointing and motivating at the same time. I knew from the start not every month was going to have a super large payment; however, it feels amazing to have that large payment. So when there is a smaller payment it feels… frustrating I guess… I am not sure if that is the right word. The important thing is is that we were still able to make a payment much larger than the minimum payment so I am still happy with that! With that being said, this month we were able to put …

$2,150.84 towards our debt!

Here is the breakdown



My next post will go over our budget for March and where exactly all of our money went. Some of it was understandable, other things could have been… well, thought about more. This blog does really hold us accountable. I am kind of ashamed to show you all some of things we spent money on! This is why this month is disappointing but also motivating to do better next month! I am very confident April will be much better!

Until next time…


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