How much DEBT did we pay off in June?



I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July! I didn’t do anything too citing  but I was quite productive around the house and got to celebrate the 4th at a going away party! It is almost half way through summer and I feel like I haven’t really enjoyed it yet. We missed celebrating my husband’s birthday and our anniversary. 🙁 Oh well, we will splurge a little bit when he gets home this month!  Only 12 days left.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Well it is that time of the month again, time to sum up how much money we were able to put towards our debt. It kind of makes me sad because June was probably the last month where we were able to put such a large portion of our income towards debt. Between new uniforms, weddings, traveling, seeing our friends and family before we move overseas, we have lots of money to spend in the next two and a half months. I think our income will still be the same this month, but next month it will go back to normal as we will no longer be receiving any deployment benefits

Anyway, lets get to it. How much DEBT did we pay off in June do ya ask?



As a reminder. The current amount in the spreadsheet is what the current amount was as of the first of June.

So there ya have it. Another month wrapped up. Six months down, 30 to go. No big deal.

I am going to go over the June budget soon and I am also going to talk about the process I go through when figuring out/making the monthly budget. Stay tuned!


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