How much DEBT did we pay off in February?

Feb 16 DebtHey Folks!

I have been MIA, I know. It has been a hectic, busy month. However, it is finally the end of the month! The time I, and I hope you, have all been waiting for. How much DEBT did we pay off in February? If you thought we did well in January, well… we did even better this month!

I paid the minimum payments on all loans (except the one we are putting all extra money) too earlier this month. Today I had the pleasure of making one massive payment to Sallie Mae/Navient. It was kind of sad because our checking account looked so nice since payday was yesterday but it was nice making such a large payment! Eventually our checking account will look that nice and massive payments will no longer be needed 🙂 One day…

So here we go, in February we paid off….

$5,461.56! Boom!

Here is the breakdown.


Just a reminder, the current amount is what the loans were at at the beginning of the month. Of course over the month they increased because of stupid interest.

Also, by each loan name I have the interest rate and the year it is expected to be paid off by making only minimum payments. I think I probably told you that already though.

I tell you what, that $4430.00 payment was ah-may-zing!

Tomorrow I will go over our budget and tell you how we were able to put that much towards Navient.

Have a great weekend!

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