February Budget Recap

Happy Saturday!

As mentioned yesterday, I am going to go over our budget for February so you can see how we were able to put so much towards our debt.

I will start by showing the breakdown.


First, let me start with the income.

Our budgeted income was based solely on what are previous checks have been. I have contemplated whether or not I should go into detail on what we make but honestly, if you know our rank, you can go online and figure it out yourself. So here is what I budgeted for income.

Me: $3,156

Hubby: $2,038

Rent: $1,506

== $6700

I split it up this way because we don’t actually see our rent money, it is automatically taken from my husband’s check because we live on base and he is the higher ranking one. So I only see what his pay is, not what his pay is with the money taken for rent included. I guess I could figure it out but it is just easier this way.

I knew my husband was going to start earning extra money since he is deployed. I just wasn’t sure when which is why I didn’t budget for it. So now I will break down what we actually made.

Me: $3,156

Hubby: $2,773

Rent: $1,506

Utilities: $45.99–When living on base, if you stay below the average utility usage, you get a refund!

CC: $22.65–Overpaid a CC awhile back so got a refund!

CC: $28.58–Hubby’s CC has a cashback incentive

Savings Account: $401.83–I have had this savings account since I was super young and this money has been sitting there for years not doing anything, so I decided to close my account.

TDY: $413.00–Went on two trips for work this month and this was the amount I was given to “live off” while away. My per diem in other words.


All bill payments went normal, except for Direct Tv. My 3 month free HBO/Showtime expired so I got charged for those channels. I called and cancelled so I should be getting a refund. The payment is set-up to charge my CC so I still just paid the normal $67, therefore there is still a balance on my CC but figured I would break even in March.

As you can see, we stayed below budget for all our spending needs! That was partly due to me being gone for almost two weeks and living off my per diem. I stayed below my per diem allowance as you can see I only spent $278 out of $413! We had a lot of random income this month which was helpful to our large debt payment.

March is looking to have a lot more expenses to take into consideration 🙁 This means a lower debt payment but that is what is important about making a new budget every month; different expenses always come up. Such is life though!

If you have any questions–let me know!

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