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Happy Monday!

I mentioned a few posts back that this month I had to budget for oil changes for both Penny (the car) and Harold (the truck). Well, my husband refuses to go the auto shop and pay someone to do it. So, I put on my work clothes and went to the garage to learn how to change the oil.

Holy moly! Never would I have thought changing oil was so easy. Literally, anyone could do it as long as you had a couple of tools.

My husband only likes to get Synthetic Oil. It lasts longer. Thats all I know. I am not going to blab on about the benefits of Synthetic Oil because I really don’t know. I trust his opinion. I had budgeted 100 dollars total for both cars. Penny takes 4.2 or some odd number of quarts and Harold takes exactly 4 quarts. I forgot to budget in oil filters. So our total came to $115 and some odd change. We bought 9 quarts and two oil filters.


Now, let me tell you how much we saved. Last time we had to get the oil changed on Penny, we were back home (100s of miles away) for a family emergency. We didn’t want to drive all the way back to where we are stationed without changing the oil so we took it a shop. We paid 80+ dollars! For one vehicle! And when we told them to not look at anything else, they still did and ended up losing a cap to something under the hood.

I am thankful my husband likes to read car manuals for fun. He ensures we keep our vehicles in tip top shape so we don’t run into emergencies later. However, some things are out of our control. During the same family emergency back home, some rodent chewed a car wire in a half. The check engine light came on during our drive home, so we stopped at dealership in a random city so we could get the code reader thing which tells us what code is causing the check engine light to come (at this point we didn’t know a rodent chewed a wire).  It ended up being something with the turbo…. I think. Anyway, we made it home and took it the Ford Dealership because we ( I say we, but I really mean my husband) couldn’t figure out what was wrong even with knowing the code. They found the bad wire and wanted to charge 120+ dollars to fix it! All we needed was a wire heat shrink connector and a heat source. It took my husband literally 5 minutes to fix and maybe 30 dollars? I do not exactly remember the cost but it was far less than $120.

I clearly do not know a lot about cars, so don’t quote me on any of the verbiage. All that matters to me is that we saved money in both instances. I am lucky to have a husband that is into this kind of stuff and is knowledgable about it. I know that is not the case for everyone. However, if I can change my own oil, so can you!

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