Budgeting Away from Home Results

While I was gone this last week two things happened. 1. We officially hit the one month mark that my husband has been away. 1 month down 5 to go! Flying home on Valentines Day and walking into a big empty house was hard. Just when I thought I was getting used to him being gone, I missed him more than ever. Ok sappy moment over and now onto number 2. We made money this week while me being gone for work!

As mentioned in Budgeting Away from Home┬ámy goal was to stay under the per diem rate each day. The goal was successfully accomplished every day but two. In the end, if calculated correctly, I came out about 50 bucks on top. It may not seem like a lot but that is 50 bucks we didn’t have before! I did meet some people worth hanging out with and they talked me into getting lunch and dinner a couple days instead of just one or the other. I did eat most of my groceries I bought too. I decided to put that under my food budget which leaves me $114 bucks for the rest of the month in groceries which is definitely doable.

I am not going to lie, I am starting to get sick of thinking about what I spend everyday. I am not tempted to go shopping or spend unnecessary money but saying no to going out for certain occasions because my weekly budget has already been spent is kind of annoying. I do think this is helping us realize what is necessary and unnecessary to spend money on which I think is great. My husband and I were talking about if we think once our debt is paid off we will still budget tightly?

If some of you out there don’t have debt, what do you do? Do you still budget your spending money (groceries, entertainment, etc.) or do you just spend freely?

Oh yeah, I am going on a work trip again this week but only for 3 days, I hope to make more money!

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  1. Susan says: Reply

    I’m with you Erica, the budget thing is annoying, but it really is a necessary part of life. We’ve done it off and on, and we are kicking ourselves that we weren’t more consistent all along. Because you might be working it now to pay off student loan debt, but then along comes children, and buying a home and you’ll get that figured out and then you’ll have to help figure out college for them and we haven’t even hit the wedding scene yet. So really budgeting never ends. You might be able to loosen the reins as you both get promoted and earn more, but the bills get bigger. So don’t give up. Its kind of like dieting. You work hard to lose weight, but if you just go back to eating like you used to, you will just end up back where you started. It’s really a life style change. Good luck.

    1. Erica says: Reply

      Yeah I didn’t even look at it that way! Budgeting will always be a part of life, but it will be nice when its not for the sole purpose of paying off debt and we get to choose where our money goes! I hope we can keep it up!

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