April Recap

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Lets just jump right into it. Where else did our money go in April and how were we able to contribute so much of it to our debt? My little European trip has a lot to do with it. This is one of the great benefits of traveling for work in the military.

Here is the break down.


Income— As you can see right away, our actual income was much higher than what we budgeted for. I knew it was going to be higher, but I didn’t know how much so I just planned our budget based on the normal income. I made $70 dollars a day for meals and incidental expenses while in Europe. It was a rare that I spent $70 or more, unless we were traveling. For the total trip I made $2,272. Granted, you’ll find out how much I spent of that while there. We also got two checks for our utilities. Remember, if we use less electricity/gas/water than the average person on base, we get reimbursed. Our average seems to be about 60 bucks a check. So, two checks gave us an extra $130.44 towards our income.

Recurring Expenses–These were the norm.

Spending–Definitely spent some money that we didn’t plan to, but saved money in other areas. I’ll just touch on a few subcategories.

  • Groceries–Since I was in Europe for 20 days of the month, I only allocated $150 for groceries and didn’t even spend that.
  • Gas–Again, didn’t drive much because of Europe so I never had to fill my tank.
  • Computer–My husband and I have nothing but Apple products. I have had my first MacBook Pro since 2008. It is still working. I don’t know many computers that last that long. However, mine has gone through some… difficult moments. The screen doesn’t really do a good job of staying upright. The camera doesn’t work. The USB port doesn’t work. I was getting really frustrated so I gave in and bought a new one. Another MacBook of course. With my job promotion, I will need a good computer for my training that is coming up so it was just something that needed to be purchased eventually. Honestly though, I felt a little guilty the day after I bought it and almost returned it. I tell ya what, I sure am enjoying it as I write this post. Facetiming my husband is also MUCH better on my computer than holding my phone up. First world problems, I know.
  • Work Trip–So I mentioned I made $2,272 from being in Europe. Well, of that, I spent $1,182.71 in April $349.76 in March. Total I spent $1,531.61, meaning I really made $740 dollars from the trip. Not bad! This also made me comfortable buying a computer.
  • Name tapes–I officially changed my last name to my married name so I had to buy new name tapes/tags for my uniforms.

Yet another month with a large expense but we still were able to pay off our first student loan by the end of April which was our goal! I would say it was a successful month.

As always, if you have any questions/comments please comment!

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