Financial Goals

Happy Monday!

It is finally time to put our goals on paper… or on the web in this case. I keep talking about wanting to get out of debt but isn’t that the case for everyone? Of course it is, we just  want to expedite the process. We don’t have  the time nor the energy to think about the amount of debt we are in on a daily basis. I honestly don’t know how many years it is projected to take to pay off our debt by paying the minimum payments. I am assuming 15+ years. All I know is that we do not want to wait that long to be debt free. With that being said, here are our goals.

Long Term/Overall Goal

  • Become debt free in 3.5 years.

We are crazy huh? $145,000+ in debt just gone in 3.5 years? Well, that is how determined we are. In an ideal world, it is absolutely doable. If everything goes as planned such as getting job promotions and not giving into temptations then everything will be just fine. We all know that this ideal world doesn’t really exist though, so I understand that things may come up preventing us from reaching that goal on time.

Short Term Goals

  • Pay off furniture ASAP
  • Pay off smallest school loan (which is a little over 10,000) by the end of April.
  • Pay off car (a little below $18,000) by the end of September.
  • Make a good dent in the next student loan.
  • Pay off $35,000+ in debt over the course of 2015.

Mini Goals to Reach Bigger Goals

  • Do not buy a single piece of new clothing/shoes for 2015 (Outside of my husband’s deployment attire)
  • Find a way to make supplemental income
  • Track all expenses every month so I can see where my money is going and then try to improve the next month
  • Limit our entertainment fund
  • Attend any financial classes that are available

The Most Important Goal

  • Most importantly, our goal is not give-up. We don’t want to revert back to minimum payments on everything or to our old spending habits. I guarantee there will be set backs and tough moments, but if we stay committed and focused we can be debt free long before we were expected to be.


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